Phu Yen, as known as the land of yellow flowers on green grass, welcomed SmartResearch family with cool weather full of sunlight and winds on 4th Jan 2019. All members were together on the bus from Tuy Hoa airport to Cendeluxe Hotel – Til the big family from two different areas of the country gathered, our 3-day happiness journey was really set out.

In the first morning, our teambuilding meeting was held in a dignified hall of Cendeluxe Hotel. The meeting brought up the precious opportunities for not only the experience sharing in regard to CRA’s obligations but also the 2-way connection in the company from the point of management. Dr. Tuan Ngo, Medical Director of SMART Research Corp., represented the Director Board to open the meeting, followed by Smart CRAs’ presentations to share their hands-on experience and clear up all relevant queries raised. Firstly, CRA Tran Cao shared his own experience obtained in operating workshops in hospitals. Then, CRA Phuong Nguyen delivered a useful presentation detailing preparations for incoming Sponsor audit. In the following sharing, CRA Thao Pham and Liem Nguyen worked on ISO-a procedure system has been launched and being built by Smart QA. In the clinical research field, the co-operation between CRAs and SCs remains everlasting matter with which was concerned in CRA Nhu Vo’s presentation. He also covered  some tactics to get the equilibrium in such relationship. Working in the on-field studies obviously requires particular skills to be able to work in specifically indigenous places. The relevant hands-on experiences were shared by CRA Duy Vu on Start-up and monitoring in malaria study conducted in Tay Nguyen-the high land area in the central of Vietnam. Finally, a mini teamwork exercise was hosted by CRA Truc Huynh in finding flaws on study documents which is an extremely essential skill for any CRAs to ensure the accuracy and completeness of data. The meeting ended up with blissfulness, the intriguing parts of the journey were waiting in Sala Hotel located nearby Tuy Hoa beach.


The series of teamwork activities occurred on consecutive three days tying the relationship between colleagues from different areas with different dialects but the same sanctuary-in clinical study field to speak our common voice. The Smart football championship was held on the beach with the result coming down to the wire after loads of nerve-racking penalties. At that ‘opened stadium’, we were pumped up to join in a whole host of active games, calling for our competitive as well as cooperative mindset. All the stress was released, all the molds that we jammed ourselves into at work were thrown off, we were one in a picture with the most cheery smiles.

the next evening, the Gala Dinner taken place in CendeLux Hotel once again brought up all Smart family members together with nearly 20 auditions, demonstrating that music powerfully bridges any soul.

We freely spent the last day in Phu Yen on a tour to several allure destinations such as Dai Lanh cape where to pick the first sunrise on land in the country, Yen island with picturesque views of unspoiled nature.

On the way to Tuy Hoa airport, everyone quietly starred Phu Yen city from the corners to the hospitable people before coming back. We couldn’t bring the beautiful long sand or immense blue sky back to our cities, however, all unforgettable memories when we were together in this charming place are eternally kept in our minds.

Tra Bui (CRA)